Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik Central Chairman Communist Party of Pakistan with is Workers'
Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik Central Chairman Communist Party of Pakistan said that Zulfiqar Bhutto was hanged not by Gen. Zia ul Haq only but unfortunately, all the military establishment and judiciary was with Zia at that time of hanging .
When Bhutto was hanged on 4th April 1979, he was my leader and we protested against the hanging of Zulfiqar Bhutto and against the dictator Gen. Zia to our capacity.
when Bhutto was hanged, there was a complete silence in whole Pakistan and large majority of our population was very sad and angry he added.
He said my late father, who was not a member of any political party wrote in his diary that a real, sincere and honest leader of the downtrodden masses and poor people’s Zulfiqar Bhutto was hanged by military establishment led by Gen. Zia in collaboration with judiciary, rightists and religious political parties.