Indian police say they were launching an investigation into a fracas involving a Hindu-nationalist lawmaker a day after he acknowledged hitting an air India official 25 times in a row with his sandals over a business class seat.

Special commissioner of Delhi Police, Dependra Pathak, said a preliminary case had been registered against Gaikwad, a lawmaker of Shiv Sena party.

Meanwhile, Gaikwad, remained defiant and said he was not seeking apology.

According to Ravindra Gaikwad, his office had booked a business class seat for him on a Pune-Delhi flight of the state carrier, and he was angry when he failed to get one.

He refused to leave his seat in protest after the plane landed and said he hit an Air India official who came on board to try and persuade him to move.

Air India and other airlines said they would bar Gaikwad from flying after the fracas which has triggered a debate on the behaviour of members of the political elite, and calls for a no-fly list for unruly passengers.

The state-run carrier said that service did not have any business class seats and Gaikwad’s refusal to leave had delayed other flights.

Air India official who was assaulted by Gaikwad, Sukumar, said the lawmaker did not stop even after other airline staff intervened.