China published a report on the United States’ Human Rights situation on Thursday.

The report, titled “the Human Rights record of the United States in 2016,” was released by China’s State Council Information Office in response to “the country reports on Human Rights practices for 2016” issued by the U.S. State Department on March 3.

China’s report says that the United States poses once again as “the Judge of Human Rights”.

It says wielding “the baton of Human Rights,” the US pointed fingers and cast blame on the Human Rights situation in many countries while paying no attention to its own terrible Human Rights problems.

The report added with the gunshots lingering in people’s ears behind the statue of liberty, worsening racial discrimination and the election farce dominated by money politics, the self-proclaimed human rights defender has exposed its Human Rights “Myth” with its own deeds.

The report also highlighted Gun Violence, Police shooting of Black Americans, Racial Discrimination and Sexual Harassment of