France’s far-right party leader Marine Le Pen formally kicked off her Presidential campaign on Sunday with a promise to protect the country against globalization and Islamic fundamentalism if elected President.

Speaking to thousands of flag-waving supporters at the end of a two-day rally in Lyon, Le Pen, leader of the nationalist national front laid out her vision for France in which she stressed her definition of French identity and sovereignty.

Serving up the themes of the national front party that have made her a leader in early polls of the Presidential election, le pen blasted globalization, saying that it threatens the continuity of France as a free nation.

She said to the cheering crowd at the Lyon congress center that economic globalization spreads individualism, Islamic fundamentalism and communitarianism. It denies French values and the principles most French people follow.

Rehearsing themes familiar from Trump’s win, the Brexit vote, Italy’s referendum in December last year and the first round of the Austrian presidential election, le pen said in her speech on Sunday that the momentum was clearly now on her side.

Buoyed by the election of Donald Trump, some nationalist parties in Europe have applauded the U.S. President’s recent travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, hoping to ride the same populist wave to victory in their countries’ election.

Le Pen’s national front is no exception. However, the party has stressed that it pledges an immigration control policy different from Trump’s.