The Manitoba government is commemorating the first annual Royal Canadian Mounted Police Day to recognize the many contributions of RCMP officers to the safety and well-being of the province, Justice Minister Heather Stefanson announced today.

“It is an honour to be part of this special celebration, recognizing the important work the RCMP are doing in our communities to ensure public safety, especially their work with young people throughout Manitoba,” said Stefanson.  “The RCMP have played an important role in Manitoba’s history, which is clear as we celebrate our country’s 150th birthday.  From all Manitobans, we thank you for your dedication, your service and your sacrifice.”

To help recognize the many contributions of the RCMP in Manitoba, the minister invited young people throughout the province to draw, design or create a card and mail it to the province by May 31.  The cards will be displayed at the Legislative Building and then formally presented to the RCMP later this year.

“On behalf of all current and former RCMP employees in Manitoba, we are so very honoured by this important day,” said Assistant Commissioner Scott Kolody, commanding officer of ‘D’ Division.  “The RCMP have a proud and strong history in the province of Manitoba and I feel privileged that our service is being recognized in this distinctive way.”

The RCMP were formally established by an act of parliament on Feb. 1, 1920, merging the North-West Mounted Police and Dominion Police of Eastern Canada.  In Manitoba, RCMP Day was established by a private member’s bill introduced last fall by Cliff Graydon, member of the legislative assembly for Emerson.

Today, RCMP Traffic Services officers will also be setting up a road safety Checkstop near Lower Fort Garry, to remind the public about road safety.  They will be wearing period uniforms and showcasing previously used transportation including snowmobiles, a dog sled and a Red River cart.  Officers will also be showcasing new technology used by the RCMP including e-ticketing.