Canadian police have charged a French-Canadian student over the fatal shooting of six muslims at a Mosque in Quebec.

Alexandre bissonnette faces six counts of first-degree murder and five of attempted murder.

The 27-year-old briefly appeared in a Quebec city court over sunday evening’s attack, during evening prayers at the quebec islamic cultural centre.

Vigils have been held across canada to commemorate those killed and injured.

More than 50 people were at the mosque when the shooting erupted just before 20:00 on sunday.

Nineteen people were wounded – all men – and of five people still in hospital, two were in a critical condition.

The suspect was arrested in his car on a bridge leading from Quebec City to Ile D’orleans, where he called police to say he wanted to cooperate with the authorities.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard have both described the shooting as a terrorist attack.

The predominantly french-speaking province of Quebec has welcomed thousands of immigrants from arab countries and other nations.