China celebrated the beginning of the year of the rooster with lion dances and temple offerings, both believed by many to bring good luck.

At Beijing’s Ditan park, people gathered to watch traditional lion dances and other performances.

Residents say the lion dance in china is a festive thing, it’s like a lucky mascot, that’s why during the new year everyone wants to come and see them.

They attend the festival hoping for all the best for their loved ones.

Many residents traveled to the Badachu Park in west suburb to ring a bell that dates back to the Ming Dynasty.

As Chinese people believe that ringing the bells may make them alert and wiser, they have continued to visit temples during the new year, hoping for good luck.

Meanwhile, in the Changbai mountain scenic spot in Antu county of Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture in northeast China’s Jilin province, people performed Yangko, a dance featuring strong folk flavor, beat drums and appreciated ice sculptures to usher in the new year.