Pakistan has been forecasted to be the World’s Fastest-Growing Muslim Economy in 2017 ahead of Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and Egypt says “The Economist” magazine. Pakistan’s estimated GDP growth 5.3 Percent is also ahead of Four Percent GDP growth of Israel making Pakistan World’s Fifth fastest-growing economy in the world only behind India and China and two other countries.

The London-based Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business and finance. The live data comprising global figures is updated twice daily and is published on the Economist’s website in the form of an interactive table of economic and financial indicators. This data reinforces a Harvard University study which predicted Pakistan to grow by more than Five percent in the next decade.

According to the interactive table the contrasting trends in Pakistan’s economy; The Economist in 2014 had forecast pakistan to be World’s sixth fastest-growing economy. This year, the four world economies ahead of Pakistan are: India 7.5 percent, Vietnam 6.6 percent, China 6.4 percent and Philippines 6.4 percent. However Pakistan is ahead of large Muslim economies such as: Indonesia 5.2 percent, Malaysia 4.6 percent, Egypt 4.0 percent and Turkey 2.9 percent according to the economic and financial indicators of the magazine.

All of these countries except Malaysia are expected to be among the top 20 Economies in the World in 2050. The Economist forecast follows a report by Bloomberg that termed Pakistan Stock Exchange as the 5th best performing Stock Market in 2016.