The South Korean Constitutional Court continued the official hearing for president park geun-hye’s impeachment case over the political scandal. However, park didn’t attend her impeachment trial again as she was absent the first hearing. Instead, a former prosecutor who is part of the team representing Park, Lee Joong-Hwan, and a leader of the ruling Saenuri Party legislators on the Parliamentary Impeachment Proceedings Committee, Kwon Sung-Dong, have started the first argument at the hearing.

President Park was indicted in a December 9 parliamentary vote by a wider-than-expected margin after being accused of colluding with a friend to pressure big businesses to make contributions to non-profit foundations backing Presidential initiatives. Park’s fate is in the hands of constitutional court judges who have up to 180 days to uphold the impeachment or reinstate her. The President denied allegations of wrongdoing in a political scandal that threatens her Presidency, saying the accusations against her were “Fabrication and Falsehood”, local media reported.