Chairman National Accountability Bureau Qamar Zaman Chaudhry said, NAB is bound to exercise Plea Bargain on the application by any convict, following the relevant law.

He was addressing a meeting with Senior Editors and Reporters organised by Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors in Islamabad.

The Chairman NAB said, almost every country of the world has Plea Bargain Law which exists in Pakistan and NAB has recovered an amount of 285 billion rupees during last 16 years.

However, he added that Plea Bargain is not a practice to give a “free hand” to any one but a
Government Official has to get dismissal, while elected member of a public office gets ineligible for ten years, and a businessman has to lose facility he misused.

He said that no case is investigated by a single Officer, rather a four-member combined investigation team of NAB examines the matter.