image from Vancouver Courier

Mike Bernier, Education Minister  has said that “I am proud B.C. students continue to succeed in many different areas. More students are passing key courses required for graduation, and more youth are walking across the graduation stage. Student success is at the centre of B.C.’s innovative education system. With our new curriculum, we are ensuring student success remains strong, providing them the tools they need to be successful in today’s changing world.”

More B.C. students are performing well and completing high school, as confirmed by three annual Ministry of Education reports released today.

The trio of annual reports look at graduation and completion rates, provincial exam results and Aboriginal student achievement across all B.C. schools.

The first report on graduation rates for 2015-16 shows that more students are graduating on time, with completion rates up almost two points from 2011-12. Eighty four percent of B.C. students are graduating, and more Aboriginal students and students with special needs are graduating now than ever before.

The second report on 2016 Provincial exam grades shows that all students in grades 10-12 continue to test well in courses with provincial exams. Two percent more students got a C+ or better on the English 10 exam this year than in 2011-12. In English 12, the number of students earning a C+ or better also increased by two points.

The third report shows that Aboriginal students are also finding greater success. The Aboriginal student completion rate has improved steadily over the past five years, and more than 85% of Aboriginal students received passing grades in all key grade 10-12 courses.