UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations General Assembly went into recess Saturday after concluding the main part of its 71st session that included revising the organization’s budget for the 2016 2017 biennium to $5.61 billion and approving $639.53 million to keep the 33 UN special political missions running smoothly.
In another action, the 193 member Assembly called for $1.57 million
gross ($1.46 million net) before recosting to continue improving UN’s administration of justice system. The call had been deemed necessary after an independent review last year concluded that, despite increasing transparency, only about half of the workforce had access to the system and many were unaware of it.
The Assembly also adopted a wide ranging human resources resolution
aimed at finishing major reforms begun half dozen years ago. It also tasked the Secretary General to investigate the reasons for delays at each stage of the staff selection and recruitment as well as made some changes to recruitment processes on a provisional basis as a pilot phase.

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