Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks image from Calgary Herald

Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks has said that “Land Stewardship Centre is an important partner in Alberta’s efforts to promote healthy aquatic ecosystems. Programs funded by these grants will result in reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy and safe, secure drinking water which will benefit all Albertans.”

A grant through Environment and Parks for $250,000 has been approved for this year, followed by $225,000 grants for each of the next three years, ending in 2019-20. This funding will allow the centre to support the development of long-term planning and community-based projects.

This commitment builds on previous provincial support for Land Stewardship Centre’s Watershed Stewardship Grant Program, which supports local stewardship projects across the province. This program recently expanded to support projects benefitting the government’s wetland policy implementation.

In addition to grant funding provided to the centre, a total of $3.2 million in provincial grants were allocated to Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils this year to promote the health and sustainability of Alberta’s water resources. On average, the total amount of government funding is leveraged 230 per cent by the councils through in-kind and cash contributions from other partners and government programs.

Land Stewardship Centre is a not-for-profit, charitable organization working to facilitate land and environmental stewardship by improving understanding of healthy ecosystems, supporting community stewardship and strengthening policies that affect resource use.