ATTOCK: Turning tables over the heavy weights of the ruling party , Eman Tahir PMLQ has bagged the seat of Chairperson District Council Attock by and became first female chairperson by securing 58 votes while her opponent Sardar Ahsan PMLN could bag only 37 votes. Eman Tahir is former MNA and is the niece of Former Prime Minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and daughter of Former Distt Nazim Attock Maj Tahir Sadiq. District Council comprises of 95 members which include union councils chairmen and members elected on special seats. Sardar Ahsanof PMLN who could bag only 37 votes is the nephew of Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan . The campaign of Sardar Ahsan was being run by all the big wigs of PMLN.The ruling party candidate had been claiming majority and was confident of his victory as he was sure that 53 members out of 95 would vote in his favor as during campaign he once brought these 53 members in front of media also . This is a great upset for the 4 Ministers and One MNA & Two MPA and specially for the Federal Interior Minister. On the other hand newly elected Chairperson who has bagged the Distt Council Chairperson seat while talking to media said that she would follow the footprints of her father Maj Tahir Sadiq to serve the people of Attock district. Former District Nazim Maj Tahir Sadiq while talking to media said that the victory of his daughter as chairperson District Council Attock was the victory against corruption and the corrupt govt. He said that our motto is to serve the masses and these are the prayers of the people that PMLQ candidate became victorious. He said that in the forth coming election PMLQ and PTI will support each other to defeat the corrupt. Former State Minister and Central Leader PTI said that the alliance of PTI and PMLQ proved fruitful and their joint candidate Eman Tahir became Chairperson.

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