Naval Chief Admiral Mohammad Zakaullah has said Pakistan China Economic Corridor is a project of National Development and Prosperity. Addressing the Maritime Conference in Gawadar he said Pakistan Navy is always prepared to protect Pakistan’s Maritime interests. He said that Indian Ocean is becoming an important center of trade in the region. Deputy Minister of China Tao Begi said that Gwadar port is an important project of CPEC. He expressed happiness that the first convoy of trade reached Gwadar through Khunjurab. Balochistan Chief Minister Sanaullah Zehri said that Gwadar port is a valuable asset for Pakistan. He was addressing the International Maritime Conference at Gwadar Port on Tuesday. He said China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is Gift of China to people of Pakistan and sixty countries of the World will become its part. The Chief Minister said CPEC will help the region to get salvation from Western Supremacy in trade.