Most of the people during an open kutchery of the RPO , have expressed their dissatisfaction and annoyance over the behaviour of police officers and demanded the redress of their complaints. Taking strict notice of the public , RPO Muhammad Wisal Fakhar Sultan Raja issued directions to the police officers to take steps to restore the confidence of the people otherwise be ready to face the music. RPO said that with out the cooperation of police neither crime can be controlled nor sense of security could prevail in public. On the occassion DPO Attock Zahid Nawaz Marwat and other police officers were also present. Sardar Nazar Hussain r/o Bahtar alleged that he got registered an FIR regarding some issues but Investigating Officer was not cooperating with him and was using delaying tactics. Ghulam Shabbir r/o Domel alleged that on the behest of some influential police had implicated his son in a fake drugs case and theft of motorbike . He said that court had declared his son innocent but despite of this police were chasing them and raiding his house. Muhammad Iqbal r/o Pindigheb alleged that his son was molested by some people but police had so for arrested only one culprit while others were still at large. Abdul Aziz r/o Injra informed RPO that his son had been murdered but police were not cooperating with him. A woman r/o Attock alleged that her husband had been implicated in a false case by Attock City police and despite of declaring him innocent by the court , police were chasing whole the family. RPO Muhammad Wisal after listening to the complaints of the people assured them that justice would be done. He directed the police officers to change their attitudes and be friendly to public. He said that ensuring law and order and security of the people was the paramount duty of police. He said that he himself would look into the complaints lodged by the people and will take no linient view. He emphasised upon the police officers to restore confidence of the people otherwise be ready to face the music. Later RPO visited Model Police Station Attock City and inspected different areas of the police station.