Thousands of mourners are flocking to pay their respects to j Jayalalitha, one of India’s most influential and colorful politicians. The 68-year-Old Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state suffered a heart attack last Sunday night and died at 11:30 Pm Local Time on Monday. Her body, draped in the Indian Flag, is on display at a large public hall in the state Capital Chennai. Extra police have been deployed in the southern state amid fears of unrest. The extreme devotion she inspires among her supporters, many of whom refer to her as “Amma” have led to concerns that they could resort to self-harm or violence. Earlier reports of her death, which were swiftly withdrawn, prompted scuffles between police and her supporters outside the Private Hospital. However, lines have been orderly so far, despite the visible emotion among the crowds who are queuing up to catch a final glimpse of the Former Film Star. A seven-day period of mourning has been declared in Tamil Nadu. The Central government in Delhi has announced that Tuesday will be a National Holiday as a mark of respect and that she will be given a funeral with full state honors.