The Heart of Asia Conference has called for increased cooperation among member countries to cope with the common challenges of terrorism.

The declaration issued at the end of the conference today stated that the conference will not only be helpful for peace and stability in Afghanistan but also in the region.

The declaration reiterated to implement Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It called for avoidance of intervention in the internal affairs of other countries according to international laws and established norms.The declaration stated that the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all nations will be given equal importance.

It also reiterated to abide by the principles regional security and integrity as defined in the UN charter. It said that Heart of Asia Conference will be helpful for peace and stability in the region. The Declaration reiterated implementation of the decisions of the previous conferences.

The senior officials of the member countries will meet in the next three months and hold important deliberations of the of Beijing and Islamabad conferences. The declaration stated that Azerbaijan will host the next Heart of Asia Conference in 2017.