South Korean protesters march to the Presidential Office to demand President Park Geun-Hye step down over an influence-peddling scandal. Hundreds of thousands of protestors have gathered in Seoul for the sixth-straight week today ahead of an impeachment vote in Parliament. The latest in a series of massive anti-park demonstrations in the South Korean capital came just hours after opposition parties filed an impeachment motion. The 64-year-old stands accused of colluding with an old friend who has been formally indicted for attempted fraud and abuse of power. The protestors who have taken to the streets in their millions in recent weeks want her out immediately, but the political establishment is struggling to find a similar unity of purpose. The impeachment motion introduced early today carried 171 signatures — accounting for every legislator from the three opposition parties and independents. In order to secure the two-thirds majority required for impeachment in the 300-seat national assembly, it will need the support of more than two-dozen lawmakers from Park’s ruling Saenuri party.


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