Pakistan has called upon the international community to desist from policies and actions that undermine strategic stability in South Asia.

The call came from Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz while addressing International Conference on “Strengthening Peace and Cooperation in South Asia: Incentives and Constraints”, organized by Islamabad Policy Research Institute in the capital today.

He pointed out that supply of weapons system widens the existing conventional capabilities in the region. He regretted that the world has not fully recognized the dangers posed to the peace and stability in the region.

The Advisor also called for criteria-based and non-discriminatory approach for membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, otherwise it will affect the strategic stability in the region. He said our application for the membership of the NSG should be evaluated on the basis of fair criterion.

Sartaj Aziz regretted that India was responding to indigenous struggle of Kashmiris for their right of self-determination by denial and illusion. He referred to India’s propaganda to term Kashmiri struggle as terrorism and declare Jammu and Kashmir as integral part. He said India must understand ground realities and recognize the indigenous nature of right to self determination movement in occupied Kashmir.

The Advisor on Foreign Affairs said during negotiations with India, Pakistan would continue to seek normalization of relationship and promoting steps that would pave the way for settlement of all lingering dispute including the core dispute of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said another important dimension of Pakistan-India relations is the imperative of strategic stability. There is need for credible minimum deterrence as instability has consequences with far more dangers. He said Pakistan is maintaining minimum nuclear deterrence for peace and stability in the region.

The Adviser regretted India’s opposition to China Pakistan Economic Corridor project saying it is based on no apparent reason. He said India is doing so to obstruct Pakistan’s path towards progress and development. He said Indian hegemonic temptations and aggressive posture undermines regional cooperation.

Sartaj Aziz said Pakistan believes in peaceful co-existence based on mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity but at the same time it can not remain aloof from the prevailing situation in the region.

He said India continues to sponsor and foment terrorism in Pakistan and has also increased violations on line of control to put constraints to our ability to deploy more troops on the western border.

Referring to the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the war on terror, the Adviser on Foreign Affairs said that the country remains the major victim of the menace.

by R.p