Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain, one of the three Bangladeshi hostages killed in the terrorist attack on the Holey Cafe in Dhaka’s Gulshan diplomatic zone on July 1, was awarded the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice for 2016.

The award was conferred posthumously by the Harmony Foundation in Mumbai on Sunday. Faraaz’s parents received the award on his behalf at a ceremony from the Foundation’s President Abraham Mathai.

This is the first time the award has been conferred posthumously.While delivering the award, the Foundation said it “considers it its most humble privilege to posthumously honour Faaraz Ayaaz Hossain, amongst others, the brave Bangladeshi youth who was killed in the Dhaka terror attack on July 1, 2016 for refusing to leave behind his friends who were from other countries, choosing instead to stand against terror and oppression, ultimately paying the highest price and laying his life down for his friends.”