ISLAMABAD: American Ambassador David Hale has hosted a reception for members of Pakistan’s entrepreneurship community to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).
He was joined by guest of honor Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications Anusha Rahman Khan, said a press release of the US embassy issued here on Thursday.
Several members of Pakistan’s delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), who travelled to Silicon Valley in June, were also present.
Pakistan sent the largest foreign delegation to the GES, a point which
Ambassador Hale lauded as evidence of the country’s economic vibrancy.
The reception was the capstone of several embassy events celebrating
Pakistan’s entrepreneurs and U.S.-Pakistan cooperation in this sphere.
To begin the week’s activities, State Department Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs Deputy Assistant Secretary Angela Aggeler met with a group of young Pakistani entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.
Other events included a meeting between members of the agricultural industry and the entrepreneurial scene which focused on boosting productivity in the agricultural sector through the adoption of new technologies, and a forum for women entrepreneurs and students to share their experiences in starting companies.
Various U.S. Embassy programs assist Pakistani entrepreneurs by increasing their access to financial resources, supporting opportunities for entrepreneurship education, and nurturing an entrepreneurial culture, including the United States Agency for International Development’s Pakistan Private Investment Initiative, which will make over $100 million in equity capital available to Pakistan’s dynamic and fast-growing small-and medium-sized businesses, the press release added.

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