ATTOCK: Despite Indian aggression and increasing tension on LOC, we are enjoying religious freedom and performing rituals in temples which very clearly depicts that Pakistan is peace loving country and believes in religious freedom a s minorities including Sikh community enjoying religious freedom. These were the views of Group Leaders of Indian Sikh pilgrims who had come to Gurdawara Siri Punja Sahib to participate in Gurunanak birth day celebrations which included Mangwindar Singh , Sarwindar Singh , Sohan Singh , Ranjeet Singh and Swaran Singh Gill while talking to this journalist. They said , the presence of more than two thousand Indian Sikhs here at Gurdwara Punja Sahib speaks volumes about the friendly environment in Pakistan and is clear negation of the propaganda being done by Indian media. They said , Indian media is trying to turn Sikhs against Pakistan but would never succeed and said that Pakistan is a sacred place for them being birth place of their Guru. They said , Sikh pilgrims from India and other countries have here to offer rituals in home like environment. Evacuee Trust Property Board(ETPB) made excellent arrangements for the boarding and messing of Sikh pilgrims for which we are highly obliged, they said. Swaran Singh said , Indian media is presenting an image which has nothing to do with reality. He said , every Sikh respects Pakistan as it is the birth place of their Guru, our perception about Pakistan has changed because of the warm welcome of ETPB and other Pakistanis. Ranjeet Singh member SGPC(Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee )Delhi said , we feel spiritual peace and satisfaction here. Sohaan Singh member of Bhai Mardana Religious Body said , pilgrims don’t believe in politics and other issues of the countries as their visits are entirely religious based. Sardar Swaran Singh another Sikh Group leader said , Sikhs have great love and respect for Pakistan and for muslims. Many other Indian Sikh pilgrims expressed complete satisfaction for boarding and lodging facilities and upkeep of Gurdwaras. They said , hospitality and reception has changed their perception about Pakistan . Those Sikh pilgrims who had come for the first time said , their visit has cleared many misperceptions . They said , we wanted to pay homage to the land of their Guru but Indian media had been an obstacle.Deputy Secretary ETPB Imran Gondal while talking to this scribe said that Sikh pilgrims were provided all facilities free of cost while more than one thousand cops were deployed for fool proof security.