Provincial Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Khalil Tahir Sandhu has said that Punjab government is taking every possible step to provide good environment for upbringing and the welfare of the children across the province. He said that government is ensuring registration of children of brick kilns in schools, providing them scholarships and eliminating force and child labour. He said that Punjab government with collaboration of UNICEF Pakistan is implementing international treaties regarding children in this regard MoU will be signed soon between child advocacy network, child protection (UNICEF) and Department of Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Punjab.

1178297-lhr_khaliltahirsandhu_zahoorulhaq-1473280687-795-640x480He expressed these views while meeting the Chief Child Protection UNICEF Sara Collman, here today. Iftikhar Ahmed, head of Child Advocacy Network, Secretary Human Rights Punjab, Asim Iqbal and Deputy Director Human Rights were also present in the meeting. At the occasion, the Minister said that Punjab is working under the guidelines of International treaties to ensure the implementation of CRPC. He said that with collaboration of UNICEF, Department will devise a comprehensive plan for its implementation at grass root level. Secretary Human Rights Punjab said that Punjab government is ready for all cooperation with UNICEF. Chief Child Protection Sara Collaman has appreciated recent legislation of child labour and force labour. She also shared her opinion regarding implementation of these laws. At the end ToRs regarding MoU between UNICEF Pakistan and Human Rights Department Punjab were also discussed.APP/ia