Tahir Iqbal

Oligarchy can not be termed as democracy.Democracy is government of the people;not of the few monarchs wearing the cloak of democracy.The spirit of democracy lies in accountability,equality,justice and fair play.Unfortunately this poor nation has been be fooled in the name development,socialism,islamization,enlightened moderation or democracy.
The story starts with the creation of Pakistan,Quaid had a vision and clear thoughts about the future of new born state But he couldn’t live longer and passed away.Thus a void in leadership was created and feudal lords became leaders who were not aware of the feelings and sufferings of poor.Constituent assembly failed to formulate a constitution for nine years.The inordinate delay in constitution making ceded powers to governor general.Leaders of West Pakistan tried to take control of the whole country regardless the fact that East had more population and voters than the West.Vested interests of politicians were safeguarded under the umbrella of patriotism.The first president of Pakistan Sikander mirza took help from the military to handle the turmoil in political situation.The starting seven years of Pakistan seemed instability and seven prime ministers got changed one after another.Wrangling of power between political parties paved way for a dictator who wrapped up the system and termed the constitution as inefficient,he introduced a devolution plan and basic democrats were elected after imposition of the constitution of 1962. Ayub’s era was comparatively better in terms of development because of CENTO,he provided full access to United states in the country,even some air bases were reported to be used by the former.Furthermore he rigged the elections and defeated Fatima Jinnah.A wave of protests forced him to step down,Yahha became president afterwards who was famous for corruption and debauchery.Elections were held in 1971 and a rift created between Bhutto led PPP and Mujeeb led Awami League.Mishandling of the situation resulted in the amputation of an arm of Pakistan.
Another clown appeared in the arena of Pakistan who hijacked the Islamic sentiments of public and tried to legitimize his rule by promising the imposition of Islamic shariah.Zia hanged an elected prime minister and he himself became a prey of repercussions of his actions.
A Tom and jerry play followed Zia period till 1999.Next eleven years observed an era of oppression and fake promises.Mush’s era was a black spot in the history of Pakistan.His period witnessed gross violations of human rights,hundreds of enforced disappearances and tortures and handing over suspects of terrorism to United states.He was defeated badly when he tried to lock horns with judiciary.Pakistan peoples party controlled the driving seat for next five years and a democratic transition of power took place for the first time in the history of Pakistan.
Lets talk about the current situation,the government seems reluctant to fulfill any demand of opposition regarding Panama inquiry.The issue started after a stunning revelation of Panama leaks which galvanized the public all over the World to stand against their rulers who hide their assets from them.Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf led by a cricketer turned politician Imran khan demanded an inquiry regarding the matter because Sharif family was also named in the leaks.Matter became serious day by day which was not taken seriously so it became an impasse.
PTI has planned to lock down the capital while government is in no mood to allow that.Today the country is being gripped in a wave of uncertainty.There are speculations everywhere,pervasive thoughts about wrap up of the political system exists.
Question arises here who is responsible for all the mess?Who is trying to invite a third party to intervene and wrap up the system?Whether government is justified to block the capital by placing containers or not?Where do the orders of High court stand that clearly directed both parties to do what they are not willing to do and it doesn’t seem that they would comply with the order.
Politics needs a pragmatic approach with a sensible vision which seems lost somewhere in the lust of power.Government should have behaved in a political rather than rude manner because the demand of inquiry commission is justifiable and public has right to information especially about those matters that are directly related to their interest.A democratically elected government is supposed to respond to the queries of opposition on priority basis as this very feature distinguishes democracy from monarch,kingship or dictatorship.So the first responsibility lies on the shoulders of government to handle the situation in a political way.
Opposition should learn lessons from history that toppling of democracy through agitation and violence weakens the system.There is a lack of wisdom on both parts.It seems difficult to believe that a chief minister tries to paint ethnic colors on the power battle and a one man party leader tries to incite violence and bloodshed.
Today Supreme court has directed both parties to submit their response in the court so that a final decision could be made regarding panama gate commission.Both parties need a sagacious approach now.Lock down of capital and violence can’t yield better results for either party.