Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmad has said that those believe in the politics of confrontation and sit ins are against the development going on in Pakistan. He said this while talking to Alburraq News.. He said that at this time when the country is passing through crisis and despite helping the govt a political party is talking of blocking Islamabad is beyond comprehension. He said that to ensure security of the citizens and the institutes govt is taking different measures and no one will be allowed to create law and order situation and block Islamabad. He condemned using of abusive language against prime minister and his brother by a party leader . He said that this is high time to take all possible measures for the smooth running of day to day affairs of the govt and also to ensure security of the people and institutes .He said at this stage country is facing different challenges while the defence forces are busy against terrorism and against our enemy on borders but a political party setting aside all these is creating further problems and hurdles . He said , those having differences with this govt must come to the parliament and inform the house .He said , blocking Islamabad means inflicting damage to Pakistan which the incumbent govt would not allow to happen. He said in the present scenario no other option is left with the govt but to ensure security and law and order