Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs Dr Asif Kirmani Monday said PTI chief Imran Khan wanted to create anarchy in the country.

Speaking in a PTV programme, he said Imran Khan did not have any national agenda. He was just doing negative politics due to some personal grudges with the Prime Minister, he added.

He said in a democratic society, it was right of every one to protest but no one could be allowed to hatch conspiracy against the country on the pretext of holding protest.

He said the agenda of PTI was to dethrone the thrice elected Prime Minister, who, however, he would not resign on the demand of an “immature politician” as he was given mandate for a five-year term.

Dr Kirmani said the PTI, which was in power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, had failed to serve the masses there. In fact Imran Khan’s politics was exposed as he could not deliver, he added.

He said PTI had been badly defeated in elections held in GB AJK, cantonments and by-elections. Its politics of agitation was rejected by the people, he added.

He said despite the fact that name of the Prime Minister was not mentioned in Panama Papers, he presented himself and his family for investigation.

He said the government was ready for accountability but it wanted that all others whose names were mentioned in the Panama Papers should also be held accountable as nobody was above the law.

Imran Khan had admitted that he owned an offshore company and his companions also owned companies and got waived off loans, and they should also present themselves for accountability, he added.

He said the government wanted to resolve the matter of Terms of Reference (ToR) for Panama Papers and demonstrated flexibility but the opposition parties insisted for person-specific ToR.

Dr Asif Kirmani said international organizations were acknowledging effective economic policies of the government and development in the country.

There was visible decrease in power loadshedding and efforts were underway to eliminate it completely, he said.

He said agenda of the PML-N government was of development and progress while PTI wanted chaos and destruction in the country.

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