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Afghanistan’s Former President Hamid Karzai appealed to people of Kashmir not to be used by Pakistan for vested interests. He called upon people to learn from Afghanistan’s example.

Speaking to CNN-NEWS18 he said, “We also thought a foreign power was helping us do the right thing but then the foreign power had its own interests and we were used as cannon fodder. I hope our brothers and sisters in Kashmir will be wiser and live with the rest of India in peace and prosperity”.

Karzai agreed with Prime Minister Modi’s statement at the BRICS statement that Pakistan was the ‘mothership’ of terror in the region and also the biggest challenge to the economic growth of Afghanistan.

The Former President has been asking America to take action against terror sanctuaries beyond Afghanistan for 15 years. Sharply criticizing the US he said, “US also shares a great deal of responsibility for ignoring sanctuaries for years and for supporting those who provide support for extremism. We hope US will change its policy and not use pragmatic interests of its country at the cost of promotion of extremism elsewhere in the world”

Afghanistan’s Former President Hamid Karzai spend his whole life in Pakistan and he had very sweet memories in Quetta  and other part of Pakistan.

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