Attock. Former Minister of State for Environment, Mr. Malik Amin Aslam Khan today visited people colony and saw the on going process of Saaf Suthra Sheher’s cleaning work(SSS). Saaf Suthra Sheher’s (SSS) currently implementing a unique modal project named integrated Solid waste management as public private partnership.

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Former Minister of State for Environment saw the process of waste collections from households in waste bags, he visited the secondary waste collection points and also visited different blocks of colony and appreciated the efforts of Saaf Suthra Sheher’s (SSS) and PTI Councillor Sajjad Tanoli .

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He appreciated the innovation of the public-private waste management initiative which was being spearheaded by the PTI Councillor Sajjad Tanoli and supported through the TMA Attock. Malik Amin Aslam who is also the Global VP of IUCN, stated that the initial results of this exercise were very encouraging and its scope needs to be expanded throughout the city of Attock as waste is a major issue for the residents. He also demanded that the government sanitary workers should not be engaged for other duties with officers and influential but should be utilized for this initiative,he further ensured to provide his corporation in this regards