President Ashraf Ghani said that the enemy has tried to cast a shadow over Afghanistan’s achievements during and after the successful Brussels Summit.

But those who have tried to undermine the country’s achievements “have failed”, he said.

This comes amid a surge in violence across the country in the past week – particularly in Kunduz and Baghlan.

However, Ghani kicked off his address by thanking the security forces in battle-weary Kunduz and other provinces for their hard work.

He also passed on his condolences to bereaved families who have lost relatives in recent battles.

Ghani raised the issue of foreign relations and said this had significantly improved in the past two years.

According to him a balance has been brought in terms of keeping good relations with foreign countries.

However he said it was now time to focus on bringing internal reforms because “international aid has been given to Afghanistan on condition of accountability.”

He then said the enemy does not have any plan to stabilize the country but “it is our Islamic, national and human responsibility to draft plans to remove our countryman’s problems”.

“We have plans for the country’s development in different areas and we have taken steps to implement them,” he added.

Based on these plans the international community is ready to help Afghanistan, he said.

According to Ghani, he is aware of economic hardships in the country after the withdrawal of resources from Afghanistan. However, he assured the nation that he is working on plans to improve the economy.

Ghani ended off by saying that government has improved facilities for import and export and an air cargo corridor between Afghanistan and India will soon be operational.byTOLOnews