National Assembly of Pakistan

Members of the parliament on Thursday called for reframing a strong foreign policy focusing entire gamut of factors to cope with the challenges the country was facing.

Resuming discussion regarding Kashmir issue in the Joint Session, Senator Lt. Gen (R) Abdul Qayum said there was a need to forge unity which lent strength to a country that could help evolve a strong foreign policy.

He said we have to leave a rich legacy for our generation and work with dedication for the country’s socio-economic development.

He said there was a need to devise a strategy with regard to Kashmir issue, taking into account crucial factors like India’s attitude and international community’s role among other parameters.

He said there were two problems-Afghanistan and Kashmir issues in South Asia which needed an urgent solution to ensure a durable peace in the region.

He said the country’s foreign policy provided for non-aggressive attitude against any country and looking forward to good relations with neighbouring country. But India on the other hand, he added had never tried to have good relations with Pakistan rather it wanted to play hegemonic role in the region and its politics based on anti-Pakistan feelings.

Senator Lt. Gen ® Abdul Qayum said the United Nations should implement its own resolutions for resolving the Kashmir issue which had long been lingering and people had been offering sacrifices for their right to self-determination.

Syed Naveed Qamar of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) said it was high time to carry out introspection of our foreign policy to rectify things and prudently move ahead while tackling national challenges.

He said war was not a solution to any problem and war may not be an option since both the countries were nuclear states.

He said the policy should reveal things clear, adding there was no difference between bad or good terrorists. He said in fact terrorist was a terrorist and dangerous to Pakistan.

He said there was a need to change our course and reinforce the diplomatic front of the country in order to effectively plead Kashmir issue which needed an urgent solution for achieving a durable peace in the region.

He said it was time to accelerate economic growth and utilize the resources judiciously to strengthen the country economically and launch development initiatives equally in all the provinces indiscriminately.

Ilyas Bilour of ANP said there was a need to make tangible measures for reviewing policies to successfully face the challenges, adding freedom struggle in Kashmir was purely indigenous and it should be resolved through peaceful means.

He said Afghan war spawned fundamentalists or state and non-state actors who had caused widespread devastation.

He said war was not a solution for resolving issues between Pakistan and India as it would cause death of millions of people across the borders.

National Assembly of Pakistan
National Assembly of Pakistan