Police claimed to have recovered a huge cache of NATO arms and ammunitions during a raid on an empty house in the city’s Azizabad area.

Police reportedly seized a large number of weapons, including anti-aircraft guns, sub-machine guns, light machine guns, rifles and rocket launchers, in the raid. Bulletproof jackets and helmets were also recovered from a water tank.

The raid was conducted after the police was tipped off by a political worker already in custody.

All weapons recovered have been taken into custody at the office of Sindh Inspector General (IG) AD Khawaja.

During his press conference, the Sindh IG said: ‘These weapons were stocked to conduct terrorist activity in Karachi during Muharam.’

In March, a large cache of ammunition was recovered by Rangers during a raid at MQM headquarters, Nine Zero. According to Rangers spokesperson Colonel Tahir, the ammunition stolen from NATO containers was also seized during the search operation.full_a_mixed_cache_of_small_arms_and_light_weapons